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ESD Gloves

  • ESD Gloves
ESD Gloves

14,99 $US

14,99 $US

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Soft ESD safe gloves for handling delicate components. These gloves ground directly to your body. If you are grounded and wearing correct ESD equipment, they will be an extension of you.

Thunderon® Fibers are dissipative (1 x 105 < 1 x 108 ohms) and will maintain their ESD qualities for approximately 25 washings. Are not abrasive, and will not scratch touch screens or other equipment. Seamless fine gauge knit designed for all-day wear allowing easy hand movement and a high level of tactile sensitivity.


Small: 7 3/8"

Medium: 7 1/2"

Large: 7 3/4"

Extra Large: 8"

  • Measure from the tip of your middle finger to the base of your palm.

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