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iPhone 5s Logic Board

  • iPhone 5s Logic Board
  • iPhone 5s Logic Board
iPhone 5s Logic Board

19,99 $US

19,99 $US

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Replace the logic board in your iPhone 5s and fix processing issues.

A corroded, malfunctioning, or water-damaged logic board can cause unexpected shutdowns or reboots. Restore the functionality of your device with this replacement part.

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iPhone 5s
A1453 CDMA US/Japan
A1457 UK/Europe/Middle East
A1518 China Mobile
A1528 China Unicom
A1530 Asia Pacific
A1533 CDMA China Telecom
A1533 CDMA Verizon
A1533 GSM/North America

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Edward's Story Photo #1786083

Mon problème

Liquid damaged logic board resulting in no power no boot.

Ma solution

Successfully. It was pretty straight forward and easy with the tools provided.

Mon conseil

Take out the sim tray first. My first mlb replacement I forgot to. Luckily I was just practicing on my 4s.