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Beats Pill 1.0 Troubleshooting

If you are having an issue with your device but are not sure of what is wrong with it, check out our troubleshooting page for the Beats Pill 1.0.

Identification and Background

The Beats Pill 1.0 was first introduced by Beats Audio in October 2012. As Beats’ flagship product in the portable Bluetooth speaker market, it has since lead to the introduction of two other products that follow a similar design: the Beats Pill 2.0 and the Beats Pill XL. The features of this device include Bluetooth, v.2.1 audio, auxiliary input and output (especially useful when using Bluetooth audio), hands free communication (over Bluetooth), and a rechargeable battery over USB. The universal Bluetooth communication that this device uses is supported by most platforms such as Android, Blackberry, and Apple.

There are three variants of the Beats Pill within its product line: the Beats Pill 1.0, the Beats Pill 2.0, and the Beats Pill XL. The Beats Pill 1.0 is different from the other products in its line for two reasons, connections and size. The Beats Pill 2.0 is almost identical to the 1.0 in that it has the same form factor, the same speakers, the same back ports, etc. The only difference between the two is that the Beats Pill 2.0 has a USB Charge Out jack hidden on the bottom that is revealed by sliding away the “beats pill” logo whereas the Beats Pill 1.0 is completely solid where the “beats pill” logo is located on the bottom. The Beats Pill XL is vastly different from the Beats Pill 1.0 mostly due to its size (3.75 inches versus 1.8 inches in height) and connections.

Additional Information

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