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The LIFE MARK brings total security and convenience to the table with a simple swipe of your finger. Easily unlock your smartphone and access all your music, video and pictures.

Another advancement from BLU that brings the LIFE MARK to the forefront of the smartphone market.

For the work savvy users, encrypt all your emails and confidential documents to prevent any malware attack.


Utilizing a 13MP as the main camera along with 5MP front selfie camera, the LIFE MARK offers a fully optimized camera experience. With built in f2.0 aperture + Blue Glass Filter, all the images are life like and meant to be cherished forever.

The LIFE MARK is an engineering wonder with technology and design. The CNC machines-metal infrastructure, provide great reliability along with a premium quality. Available in three colors: Slate Gray, Pure White, and Lavish Gold.


5.0” HD LCD with BLU Infinite View Technology.

The LIFE MARK utilizes state of the art technology with its high resolution display which showcase its 5” visual clarity. Add to that the BLU Infinite View (IPS Technology), the final display will blow your mind

With DUAL SIM you could take advantage of different voice/data plans for better rates, better coverage, and separate bills. You can also separate personal from business phone calls.

For the international traveler, a DUAL SIM phone could avoid roaming charges by having a domestic carrier SIM and a international carrier SIM.

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