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There are two main parts that can break in this machine, but fortunately they are quite cheap and easy to replace.

The baking pan

What usually happens is that the two small rods holding the kneading pegs become loose with time and eventually just slip out of their hole in the pan, or simply leak any fluid inserted in the pan. The original replacement pan from Clatronic costs more than 23€.

It seems that many bread baking machines share similar pans, and from this webshop it appears that the pan is the same as the Bifinett KH 1171 (from LIDL). This spare pan can be bought from this webshop for exactly 15€ including shipment.

The timing belts

There are two timing belts that drive the rotation of the pegs. The belts can be accessed by removing the top plastic part and removing the top display connector. Then you must unscrew what you find below: the metal body of the main pan housing and the whole motor and electronics assembly from the plastic base. You can remove this assembly and below you will see the timing belts. The characteristics of the belts are as follows:

  • 1st belt:
    • 173 teeth
    • 3mm pitch
    • 519mm length
    • 8mm width
    • 2mm height
  • 2nd belt:
    • 140 teeth
    • 3mm pitch
    • 420mm length
    • 8mm width
    • 2mm height

and they can be bought for less than 12€ from this Aliexpress shop. You need to ask them for a custom belt, specifically for 3M-519 and 3M-420. The height of these belts is 2.4mm, but they fit perfectly anyway.

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