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Background and Identification

The Fujitsu M2011 laptop is a Notebook PC released by Fujitsu in 2011. This laptop can be identified by the silver Fujitsu logo and infinity sign on the laptop outer cover and the model number: M2011. The device can also be identified by the silver Fujitsu logo under the screen.

The M2011 is a small, easily portable laptop; the device width is 10.2 inches and the weight is 2.87 lbs. The M2011 has a diagonal screen length of 10.1 inches. The M2011 has a max battery run time of 6 hours. The device is equipped with an Intel Atom N280 Processor, an Intel GMA 950 Graphics Processor, and LED backlighting. Additionally, the M2011 has 1 GB RAM, 1024 x 600 resolution, and a 250 GB HDD.

The M2011 is Wi-Fi certified and has a headphone jack, Bluetooth capabilities, and an Ethernet port.

Additional Information

Fujitsu M2011 Device Specifications

Fujitsu Support Page

Fujitsu M2011 User Guide

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