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History & Availability

First released in early 2008, at least two revisions of the diNovo Mini have been available. It was also re-released as the "Logitech Mini Controller", which offered a modified keypad catering to Google TV devices. At present, Logitech has discontinued all keyboards in this form factor.

diNovo Mini @ Logitech Support (US)

Teardown Photos

To disassemble:

1. Remove battery door cover from back.
2. There are two screws hidden under the Logitech sticker label. These hold down the thin strip down the center of the keyboard on the other side:
Block Image
3. The two large silver bumps on the top corners of the keyboard are press-fit. They can be snapped off:
Block Image
4. Underneath those silver corners are two screws holding on the black frame of the keyboard:
Block Image
5. Once the black frame is gone, there are only three screws holding the circuit board on:
Block Image
6. However, the mousepad is attached to the frame and held to the main circuit with a long flex strip. This can be removed, but that is not necessary:
Block Image
Block Image
7. The switch that detects whether the cover is open is also screwed to the case with a single screw:
Block Image
8. The power socket is not screwed or glued; it just slides up.
9. Now the circuit is removed from the case and accessible!
Block Image
Block Image

Fixing Dead Keys

Dead keys are cause by oxidation or dirt on the metal contacts.

The keyboard switch are the cheapest construction possible: Printed board with a inner dot and an outer circle around it, and then a metallic domes glued to an adhesive plastic sheet on top to short the connection between the two concentric circles on key presses.

After you disassembled everything you will see the circuit board with a white sticker underneath the removable plastic keys.

You have to peel out the sticker, then clean with alcohol (90% is better, 70% is ok) both the cooper concentric circles on the board and the zinc(?) metallic domes glued to the back of the white sticker. I recommend q-tips for the domes as the alcohol might damage the glue, and you will need it.

Scrub things as hard as you can to remove the invisible oxidation as much as possible. Note that you only have to clear the inside (side with glue) part of the domes, not the back (side without glue).

After that, reaply the sticker. It doesn’t have to match 100%, but if you miss the mark too much you will know right away as keys will start to register as soon as you put in the battery (hint: you can hold the battery under the board and press the little cover-sensor switch to double check if everything is working before reassembly. If you can press one key on each 4 corners, you are good).

The glue can be replied several times if you screw up. I have to clean mine because of dead keys every year or so. The edge keys get damaged earlier (e.g. mouse button key, A, P, etc)

Add Wireless Qi Charging Capabilities



  • Model number: Y-RBG93 (diNovo Mini), Y-R0018 (Mini Controller, same chassis)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 2.0 (class 2), officially supports Sony PlayStation 3, PCs with Windows XP through Windows 10.
  • Battery: 930mAh 3.7V Lithium Ion battery, model 533-000020 / R-IG7
  • AC Adapter: 8V @ 500mA, model L-LD4-0 / 190602-0000, coaxial/barrel connector (possibly IEC 60130-10:1971 Type E).
  • Dimensions (HxWxD, Weight): 27.94mm x 152.4mm x 88.9mm, 170.1g / 1.1" x 6.0" x 3.5", 6.0oz
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