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The Samsung ATIV S is the only Samsung Windows Phone 8 device that is sold outside of the US. It has a 4.8inch HD Super AMOLED display (720x1280), 1GB RAM, 16GB of onboard storage (expandable to a maximum of 80GB via a Micro SD card slot). It has a 8MP camera, the same one used in the Galaxy S3.

The motherboard design is mostly the same as the Galaxy Note II with some minor differences. The AMOLED panel, is exactly the same as the one on the Galaxy S3. The outer glass, while replaceable requires patience and a light touch. (My ATIV S' outer glass was removed without breaking the AMOLED, but broke the home button flex cable).

The device is built very well and the internal components are packed tightly without wasting any space. A great Windows Phone 8 device.

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