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The PCL9000 Professional UV Therapy System is designed for treatment from head to toe.

This PCL Full Body UV Therapy System is equiped with an Apple iPad control panel which introduces a new user experience to UV Therapy Systems. The app includes a patient database, therapy history & planning, remote control & monitoring, printing and much more. The iPad can be fixed on the PCL9000 or installed remotely, for example on your desk.

The PCL9000 electronics use modern technology and are compatible with the latest CE requirements. The installation time is less then 1 hour and the system works with a standard 230V/16A power socket.

This UV Therapy System is shipped with 24 UVA and 24 narrowband TL-01 UVB Lamps. If your requirements change you can replace UVA lamps with UVB lamps and vice versa without the need for hardware upgrades (a unique feature no competitor can offer).

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