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Background and Identification

The Shenzhen Windream Company developed the Zeepad 7.0. The device is a home use tablet released on 8/23/2012. Using Android 4.0 operating system, the device is able to take care of common tasks such as watching YouTube, play games, and read books. The display features a 1080x720 resolution with a full 7" screen. On the back and front there are cameras: The rear-facing camera is 2MPs while the front-facing camera is .3 MPs.

There are a multitude of ports located around the device. It comes with standard HDMI, Micro USB, as well as a Headphone Jack. The TF Card reader can hold up to 32 GB of data. The device charges off of an AC adapter input of 100/240v.

There are many parts included in the internal hardware specifications. The central processing unit is the ARM Cortex- A8 designed for tablets and phones. It has 1 core including 32/32KiB of L1 cache and 512 KiB L2 cache. Additionally, there is 512 MB of DDR2 RAM on the motherboard. The storage holds up to 4 GB, 2GB for OS + 2GB free for the user.

To power the device, there is a 2800mah li-ion battery. The last component is a built in 802.11bgn WiFi adapter so the device can connect to the internet.

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User Manual

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