Repair-O’-Lantern Pumpkin Carving Contest!

Repair-O’-Lantern Pumpkin Carving Contest!

Get ready for a pumpkin-tastic challenge that’s sure to make you chuckle and chortle. 

Are you ready to carve out some gourd-geous masterpieces and join the wacky world of Repair-O’-Lanterns? We’re asking you to unleash your inner DIY pumpkin genius by carving a repair-themed pumpkin. 

You can carve your pumpkin with your favorite iFixit tool (no promises that it’ll work), of your favorite iFixit tool. A design of a repair logo (we think iFixit’s is pretty neat), or even of a broken device. 

Honestly, you can carve anything into your pumpkin that represents repair. Just be ready to explain it if we’re confused. Heck, even the words “Right-to-Repair” count. For non-repair friendly manufacturers, those words alone are a little scary. 

Carve, craft, and get scooping on your Repair-O’-Lantern masterpiece, because the winner will be treated to a prize that’s sure to make you “shriek” with delight! So, grab your tools, gather your pumpkin, and join us for this contest!

Once you’ve carved your design, share a picture of your masterpiece (and even some of the process) with the #iFixit on your favorite social media platform or go over to our Meta forum and post a picture of your creation on the Repair-O’-Lantern mega thread. 

The winner of the contest will win a precision cleaning kit and the electronics cleaning bundle to tackle your scariest messes. Submissions close November 1st at 0900 a.m. PST.

While we would love to be able to send prizes to all parts of the planet, shipping restrictions prevent us from delivering to places unsupported by our US and EU warehouses.