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Repair guides and support for C/K pickup trucks sold by General Motors under the GMC brand, including the GMC Sierra.

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Misses like it's drawing moisture.

This is on a '97 GMC Sierra. I'll give it a complete tune up and in about three to four months it starts doing it again. I've been around and worked on vehicles most of my life and this has me puzzled. I have heard it could be anything from the computer to the coil or even a bare wire. I hate to keep changing everything every couple of months, and, besides, I can't afford it.

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Any on board diagnostics codes? Service engine light on? Leaky vacuum lines?


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Even electronic ignition systems can get damp, especially old ones. Go to your local auto parts store. They can read the codes (some do it for free, some a small charge) they may also be able to tell you what the codes indicate, if not you at least have some data to start an internet search. At least that way you don't have to play musical parts.

Vacum hoses and connectors on a car that age can also be a source of intermittent problems-as they rot the walls get weak an may let in moisture, or collapse causing vacum problems.

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My 91 GMC, 4.3 does the same thing, in the colder weather. I pull the dist cap, wash it out with electronic cleaner {carbon-tet is best}, and put it back, wipe out inside with clean rag. What happens is the pan has no external vent, so if you drive short distances the condensation builds up in the oil, turns it milky, and migrates up the dist drive shaft and fouls the cap. Keep the driver and cleaner handy, to takes about 10 minutes to do. If you can drive at hyway speeds for an hour or so once a month and it will boil the wter out of the oil.

My 86 Astro does the same thing, GM says it's the nature of the beast.


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short in the wiring to the crankshaft sensor by the starter was causing my 97 k3500

to miss and sputter like water in the gas.

check the wiring by the starter that runs to the sensor.

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Check out the distributor ventilation I ran in to this problem and even when you replace the distributor cap it will tell you about the ventilation issue with these vehicles, I drilled out the vent holes on one and no more problems use about a quarter of a inch drill bit.see if that doesn't work.

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