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This computer came with Windows XP, a DVD-ROM drive, and a optional floppy drive.

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I'm trying to set my home desktop back to factory settings

Hello I'm trying to take my dell Dimension B10 back to factory settings can anyone please help me i am not having much luck...

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William, on the desktop all you have to do is to either reformat the drive and reinstall the OS and the drivers. You should use the Dell system disk that came with your computer. You can always do a clean Install using Dell OEM XP CD & Resource CD Check your hard drive for a partition that has the Dell restore file on it. If PC Restore image was preinstalled and it is still working, all you sould do is:

For Vista it’s the <F8> key

For XP it’s the <Ctrl> and <F11> combination keys. Here is what Dell recommends. Let us know what you tried so far.

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You can use F8 on Windows XP also.


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