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Model Number: M305D-S4829. Processor: AMD Turion™ X2 Dual-Core. Installed Memory: 4GB (PC6400 DDR2 800MHz SDRAM). Hard Drive: 250GB HDD. Display Size: 14.1" widescreen.

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BIOS recognizes HD but windows doesn't! Cant install XP!

Im replacing my internal HD because my other one stopped working. When I boot from CD windows cant install XP because it says it doesn't recognize the HD. When I go into my BIOS is shows my HD is installed. My Sata controller only lets me change to AHCI and Compatibility Mode. Compatibility mode lets me install windows but it only gives me 100GB instead of the full 500GB. I already formatted the hard drive to NTFS and it still wont work. I read I should maybe pull the CMOS battery out but I am not sure how. Any suggestions on what I should do??

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You will likely want to place your hard drive into compatibility mode and manually partition the hard drive, deleting all the available partitions and installing onto the blank space. This will, of course, delete all your data!

If that doesn't work for you, or you need functionality from the SATA controller not available in compatibility mode, you can search for the "F6 (or floppy drive) Sata (sometimes Raid) Drivers" for your brand of motherboard. These can be installed during installed during the Windows installation by placing them onto a USB drive, and pressing F6 when the installer prompts you to in order to install third-party drivers.

I don't believe pulling the CMOS will do much to help you in this case.

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Hi I believe the above answer is guiding you in the right direction, my question to you is does BIOS recognise the entire capacity of the HDD or it is just recognising 100GB

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