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An external optical drive by Apple, essentially a rebranding of the MacBook Air SuperDrive.

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Use the internal SuperDrive in a MacBook Pro?

The internal MacBook Pro's SuperDrive cost 100$ and the USB SuperDrive only cost 80$.

It is possible to get the internal drive of Macbook Air SuperDrive to put in a MacBook Pro Unibody ?

EDIT : I dont use Google sorry

While the MacBook Air SuperDrive only works externally with the MacBook Air possibly due to the USB adapter (Update: confirmed), the internal drive component is interchangeable with the internal 12.7mm 17″ Macbook Pro and most G4 PowerBook drives. It will not work with 15″ MacBook Pro or 13.3″ MacBook models since they need a slimmer 9.5mm SuperDrive.

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My older MacBook Air Superdrive (2008) uses a:

Sony DVD/CD Rewritable Drive

Model No AD-5630A

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Of course,

Many vendors offer an superdrive external enclosure when you buy a second drive or an SSD ( this works all Apple optical slot in ). At this time is cheap near $ 25, but if you buy it as "standalone" expect $ 40.

At work I toke all drives inside iMacs and placed them on external enclosures, but many went to stockroom ( pocketed with drying product ).

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