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Repair information for the 7" Android tablet by Samsung. Fixing this device is straightforward, and requires only common tools. The Samsung Galaxy Tab is an Android-based tablet computer produced by Samsung. The 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab is the first model in the series. It was introduced on September 2, 2010

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Replace internal NAND flash memory

Can we replace Internal NAND flash memory of Samsung galaxy tab 7 plus... P6200

If yes wer do i get a replacement chip from...

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Faiz t, one can replace the IC's, if one have the right tools and the experience. It will involve a reball/resolder of the IC. Besides trying to find the proper chip, you also must find the proper stencil. You can only replace IC's that are of identical layout, otherwise it will not work on your logic board. This is most likely only a job for the most advances DIY'er, with all the right tools.

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