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La PlayStation 3 (ou communément appelé la PS3) est le troisième système de divertissement informatique à domicile produit par Sony Computer Entertainment, et le successeur de la PlayStation 2. Il a été commercialisé le 11 Novembre 2006.

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possible to kill the ps3 w/ heat gun? ylod fix failed

I attempted and failed the ylod fix. I applied the heat gun over the chips for an overall length of 4 or so minutes at a proximity of about 2 or 3 inches from the board. When I put it back together, it wouldn't turn on and only display a faint red light.

I attempted the fix yet again and the second time allowed the system to turn on, but only briefly - about 2 seconds, during which time the light turns green, the fan starts spinning and then shuts off. The yellow light is not present in this process at all, as it used to be before.

Does this mean I broke my ps3? Im concerned I may have over blasted it w/ the heat gun.

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You might want to try the oven fix. Google it.


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There is no way that someone with just a heat gun can properly reflow a PS3. You have to get the solder under the board to a liquid state which is approximately 225c, that takes a *@#^ of a lot of focused heat to get it through the heatspreader and through the chip. If you were able to with a heat gun then it would require thermal couplers in place to determine the exact temperature. With a heat gun you would also be required to cover the numerous capacitors on the board so they don't fail since they hate to be at a high heat for too long.

It is very likely that the PS3 is now pooched. Oven fix may reseat the processor but it won't be a proper reflow.

Take it to a qualified shop and get them to fix it if they still can.


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that's what i thought. I'm going to have to check if my school will let me use their equipment to reflow those annoying ball pin array chips... but before that - into the the oven!


Did you fix it by baking


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