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I tried to add 16gb to MBP mid 2012 (non retina)

When trying to upgrade to 16gb MBP the result was disastrous. The system would become frozen on a scrambled (and flashing, not artifacts) screen with part of the window and part of the desktop intermixed. Since going back to the 8gb of the same manufacturer memory (corsair) I haven't had any problems. Is there something I can do to check the memory? In the "about this mac" window the 16gb was shown and listed as "ok"

Any ideas what could be the problem?

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I don't have any idea, but you may check your RAM installation and try to reinstall both memory modules again. I have added 16GB RAM into my MBP 13" 2012 only few days ago and everything is working flawless. I used Crucial dual-voltage chips. Your RAM should be PC3-12800 (1600MHz) supporting 1.35V power. Check if your modules meets this specification.

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Now I see.. The voltage is of the memory is 1.5v rather than 1.35v.... Even though everything else is the same apparently that voltage different is causing the problems.


That low power memory modules are called DDR3L so check for these :-)


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