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What's the best way to take off the front glass?

I've tried starting from the side by the volume buttons, and tried starting near the bottom, but haven't found a really good way to take off the front glass.

It works best for me to use a metal spudger, but you have to be careful or i've dinged up a couple LCD's this way, so then I go back to guitar picks But until I get a few of those latches off, it's just really tricky.

Any outstanding advice on the subject? Thanks!

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Wow Thumbnail!! Which way do you face the inside of your thumbnail? Towards the metal edge or towards the display?

The corners of the second Gen are what mystify me. They seem really tight even though I realize there is not a latch in that location.

So far I used the plastic tool with the right angle edge to more or less pull the metal edge of the iPod back slightly so I could reach in there with a flat blade screw driver and attempt to release the latch as per instructions on this site:

I would say I got the touch screen up maybe 1 mm above the metal side . Probably this is all the height I will gain until I get more latches released. But already I can see where the flat blade screw driver has slightly blemished the metal edge of the metal back.

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I use a thumbnail (no joke) and I start at the corner. But there's pretty well no way around the fact that this is one tough cookie to get into. :)

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haha no kidding.. well which corner do you prefer to start at?


I believe I start at the lower left, though I don't have a specific reason why.


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