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Only top of screen is visible, rest is white/negative

After replacing the battery and re-assembling my ipod touch 4th gen, only the top of the screen (where the battery status indicator is) is visible, the rest of the screen is bright white/negative colored but i can still read the text. All other functions are good. I tried to disassemble the ipod twice but the screen remains the same. Is this the LCD or something else?

Thanks in advance!


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Its the lcd.

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I have an Ipod touch in my shop right now with the same issue. I pressed the home button fairly hard 3-5 times fast and the colors shifted back, not sure if this will salvage it but worth a shot.

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Thanks for the answers! I tried to press the home button as you said but this didn't solve my problem, I ordered a new LCD yesterday so I hope this helps


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yes, you can put the "invert colors" function for better readability on the triple home button click. but then the display would be completely inverted. since only a part of your screen is inverted it is definitely a broken lcd.

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