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Une tablette de la marque de Google avec un écran 7 pouces. Cet appareil ne necessite qu'un outil d'ouverture et un tournevis pour être réparer.

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USB OTG adapter cable doesn't work as promised

Device: ASUS Google Nexus 7 16GB.

OS: Got it with Android 4.1.1 that immediately updated to 4.1.2. Now Google sent an update to 4.2.

Problem: To get an USB stick running at the device as a "drive" (shown as folder for opening it).


Vendor at AMAZON.

Video at YouTube.

The adapter doesn't work as suggested. Even a direct connection of a stick (several typed tested!) doesn't work... - with or without "StickMount".

However 1: All WLAN drives from several PCs are shown (that's normal).

However 2: I get a keyboard and a mouse running properly.

Block Image

But I need/want my sticks shown by the NEXUS.

However 3: Sure, I can connect the Nexus to one of my PCs where also Sticks are plugged and exchange any datas in any way.

Thanks in advance for any good advice.

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@ Seamus,

at first: THANKS.

ROOT? - I'm s simple user. I purchased the adapter, detected the StickMount software and did install it by the offered procedure. - That's all I was able to do.

Is there a special way to install StickMount? (At present I'm using the update version Android 4.2.)

BTW: When I use the WLAN for seeing the other PCs and connect a stick to my notebook and release the stick in the notebook explorer I can see and open the notebook and the connected/plugged stick using the APP "ES Datei Explorer". Then I can access the stick in a "normal" way.

Also: I can connect the N7 to the notebook and "open" the N7 as "drive".

But: "Did you root your device?" - No idea.

Best regards, Manfred


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Did you root your device? Without root stickmount does not work.


use nexus media importer it works without read but the nexus can only read media and not write (btw the nexus media importer is not free you have to buy it if you want to look at pictures etc.. from the sticks etc.. sorry.)


oh and just search the internet for android root but you lose waranty if you root :/

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