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The Kindle 3 was the 3rd generation of Kindle produced by Amazon. It was sold as a WI-FI or 3G model with 4 GB of internal storage.

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Screen display Bad - What Can be done?

Display on Kindle 3 only shows a few lines and partial ad. Tried turning it off, charging, etc. Can this be a battery problem? or is it a screen problem? Any help appreciated.


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Mike, "a few lines and partial ad" does sound like a display problem. Does not sound like a battery issue, since that would affect the whole screen not just a partial error.

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thanks. I was leaning in that direction. No cost-wise option for repair, so it looks like a new device.

Thanks again,



That is to bad, make sure and sell it off somewhere :-). It's to good a piece to just leave laying around. Good luck.


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Mike, I bought a new display at Ali Express and received it in two weeks. Replaced it and my Kindle is like brand new!

Please, check at

It is now costing US$ 39.85 with free shipping (two years ago, when I bought it, it cost me 80 bucks plus other 40 for shipping and handling!).

May worth a try...

Miguel L. Martins

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