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iPod always shows charging please wait!

When I plug it into a wall charger it will play the music but as soon as you unplug it it goes to dead and if you plug it into a the computer it says charging please wait. I restored it and the computer and I tunes fails to reconize it. Plugging it into the was it now say plug in to i tunes to restore but it wont when I do. I was told by a repair shop that it was the hard drive, but I think it might be the battery! Any suggestions!

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Kenny, first I would replace the battery. Here is the guide for that, also, check the dock connector. Make sure there is no corrosion and or bend or broken pins. It is also possible that it is the PMIC and the least likely culprit would be the hard drive. Start with one repair at a time, change the battery first. Hope this helps, good luck.

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