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When I turn the screen on why is it all black?

I have been experiencing some Problems with my Toshiba laptop I dropped it yesterday when it was in a Case and it landed on the floor with a 'thud' However I picked it up quickly and turned it on nothing came up I even tried to charge it restarted it like 10times. nothing happened I tried again the next day Still = same problem All you can hear is Windows 7 noise when it comes on and ITS all black and black and U can see the background of my laptop but its fading you can see it if you tilt it back or forth but its very light how shall I fix this is my laptop broke? Can i repair it by pressing any keys let me know?

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amrit22134, you did not tell us exactly which Toshiba Laptop you have. If you can still see the outline, that mans that you do not have a backlight. You may have to open your computer and check for loose cables and /or other broken parts. It is possible that you either have a broken inverter or broken CCFL. A repair will depend on what you find. Hope this helps, good luck.

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