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Where are the power pads in my computer?

This is the photo of the motherboard

it's macbook pro, late 2009, 17 inch, 3.06ghz.

the power button is very erratic, it stops working sometimes.

give me a shout if you know where it is!


Block Image

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I'm pretty sure this is what you're looking for. I hope it helps. Let me know if this is not for your actual model.

Block Image

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That is the correct set of tabs, it says power right under them, and is no where near where the actual switch.. sadly for some reason Mac put the power button in the keyboard harness in this model. They are from this view point just to the left of the ram, to the right of the optical drive. That is the sleep light ribbon cable that runs right under the speakers along side the battery.


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It is impossible to determine from the picture but if you think about it the overlay where the button cap is held in place that should give you a pinpoint of where it is. I don't have any mac experience but plenty of other laptop experience so i cant say for certain but you are either looking for a tiny mechanical momentary switch or some interweaving pads directly under where the button is. It from experience I would say the first type is more common but I have seen both.

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ah, no, you are wrong....


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