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Liquid spill, still works but fans work full speed, battery problem.

Hello all,

I spilled a small amount of liquid (black tea) on my Macbook Pro 17" 2011 Early edition. I flipped it over as soon as possible and turned it off by constantly pressing on on/off button.

The liquid spill was on the left side where the MagSafe and I/O board is. Opened the panel at the bottom, and left it on sideways overnight. Also used a hair dryer fan to remove any moist left the next morning.

Then turned it on but nothing, it was dead. I took it to Apple Store and they told me there's corrosion and they told me they can fix it for flat $1,240. I can not afford that right now, so I picked it up. Left the laptop sat like that for 3 more days and trying to figure out what to do in the mean time. I did not try to turn it on nor plugged. I ordered iFixit tools and was planning to clean the corrosion whatnot myself, as if I knew anything. But did not do it yet. Tools arrived yesterday.

Last night I eventually wanted to try again, and to my delight it turned on. It booted up, loaded the system and brought up all the apps where I left off. I am really happy.

Unfortunately it has become very clear that there's still some damage. Firstly it says there's no battery, although battery connection and the battery was not wet at all. And the fans work at full speed as soon as I turn the laptop on.

What would you suggest?

Thanks for any tip.

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Corrosion will worsen over time. It is a very advanced DIY to clean the board, but it is the best procedure to follow.

ONLY advanced troubleshooting will determine if you've blown chips on the logic board by running it wet/damp blowing moisture around with the hair drier (always a bad idea to blow on a wet electronic device... it just moves the liquid from where it's wet to where it wasn't wet.) OR if simple replacement of the DC-in board & Fan(s) will solve your battery/fan problem.

Fans can be controlled with software, (you've blown/corroded them or their temperature switches so that they run in default "full cooling" - battery power sucking - mode.

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I used the hair dryer the next day, I do not think there was any liquid to move anymore.

I disassembled it but I do not see any corrosion or any liquid residue, not even coloring. Hoever my eyes are definitely not trained eyes.

Seems like I will be replacing the logic board.

Thanks for the reply.


I wouldn't admit defeat so fast, if you are tech'y enough to get your laptop disassembled and your motherboard removed so you can give it a good cleaning with alcohol and a toothbrush your Macbook may survive and you can keep Apple's $1240 in your pocket, here is a guide to step you through the teardown, good luck ! MacBook Pro 17" Unibody Teardown


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