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Model M8541 / 5 or 10 GB hard drive / scroll wheel physically turns

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1st generation iPod classic ac adapter

I recently purchased a 1st generation iPod classic 5gb model M8541. it came with no cables and I am unable to teat to make sure it works and I am trying to find out exactly what cables I need to buy off eBay to charge it. I've looked on many forums and they all say FireWire 1394 but I wanna be sure before I buy it. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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If you have an old Compaq PC from 2005 like I do, it has IEEE 1394 and iTunes built in.


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slovin123, that is absolutely correct. This generation iPod does not have USB support. The original iPod models are capable of charging ,and syncing, using and onboard standard Firewire "400" port, but not from USB. That means you need a firewire port on your computer, a firewire cable and an external firewire charger. The external charger is a must, due to the fact that this model will require to be plugged into an external charger, to complete any restore process. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Thanks for your help. Bc I don't have a Mac I'm wondering if I can sync the iPod with a new Mac laptop? I would have to find someone who had one to test it but if I can't and I am only able to charge the iPod what cables do I need? Do I search on eBay for firewire, FireWire 1394??


I am now a bit confused. You do not have a Mac, and that is okay. Do you have a PC? As for the cable, you need a 6-pin firewire to 6-pin firewire (male to male) cord. Something like this should work. Which new Mac Laptop do you want/have/ going to get?


I bought the iPod strictly as an investment. I have no desire to use it however I would put songs on it simply to make sure everything was working properly. I have a PC but know people with a Mac if I need one to sync songs or whatever


I see, well with that cable you should have no problem syncing with a Mac, if they have firewire ports. That will of course depend on which Mac your friends have. Do not forget to get a firewire wall charger as well.


What about USB C


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