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How to use the iFixit Lock Pick Set?

I bought the lock pick set mainly because it had a great price and was a set of tools I didn't have. There were no instructions with it and I don't have a clue of how to use this set. Do you have instructions or can you guide me as to where to find them?

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download a book called "Lock-Picking ; Detail Overkill"

or videos by a guy named Bosnian Bill on youtube


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HHHHHMMMMM, looking for a part time job as cat burglar, I presume. Anyhow, if you enjoy reading try the MIT guide to lock picking on here. If that is a bit to dry, check this tutorial. very informative. Hope this helps, and good luck with the career change :-) Good to see you around.....

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And after that, you have to practice, and practice, and practice !


I was thinking of giving it to my son, the cop, so he wouldn't have to break down so many doors ;-)


Thank you for accepting my answer. That kit will definitely make his job a lot easier :-) Hope you are having a great Christmas season thus far


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