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How do I reboot my MacAir after disk replacement?

I just went through the step by step instructions for replacing the HD in my MacAir. Now how do I boot the computer with no external drive?

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Try the following:

Press the start button

and immediately press the: O+F+Command+Option keys, all at the same time,

and HOLD them until the Terminal screen appears.

This will have some lines of text, with a flashing cursor at the end.

Type in "boot_mac" (without the quote marks), and press Return/Enter key.

The normal startup screen should appear.

Hope this helps, Regards, Karel

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Addition!! The "boot_mac" must have the " _ " dash between boot and mac at the bottom, not at the centre of the line.



Instead of "boot_mac" , use "mac-boot". Done all this a long time ago and forgot

the exact word order. Sorry.


Thank you so much for your inputs, when I do that all I get is a flashing "file folder" and no terminal screen. Have I screwed it up?


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