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The fan starts to spin, but then all the leds go out, and the machine

I am currently trying to diagnose the same symptoms on a 24 inch Imac (2006) model. ANd the #1 light stays on until I hit the on switch, then the # 2 light flickers, and the machine flatlines? If I hold the on swith in when I plug it in, then the #1,2, & 3 leds flash, and the fan starts to spin, but then all the leds go out, and the machine flatlines again? Anybody had this experience?? any assistance will help. Thanks, Randy

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You could try component isolation (disconnect hard drive, super drive, etc one by one) to see if any other components have an effect but with what you're describing my gut says the power supply is to blame. LED 1 indicates that the power supply is providing trickle power, this should be on as long as the machine is plugged in to power. LED 2 lights when the power button is pressed and the power is routed through the logic board. It sounds to me like the power supply is still providing trickle power but is failing when it has to provide full power.

Hope that helps!

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Check the logic board for expanded or leaking capacitors. There should be about 24 of them.


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three flash code is the RAM card take it out and clean the gold coloured connections with a new eraser then brush the rubber away

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