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Version revisitée de l'iPhone 3G avec une vitesse de traitement plus élevée. La réparation de ce modèle est similaire à celle du 3G et nécessite de simples tournevis et outils pour faire levier. Modèle A1303 / capacité de 16 ou 32 Go / coque en plastique noir ou blanc.

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Where to order back cover iPhone 3GS?

Does anyone know a good back cover that fits probably? My white iPhone 3GS has some hairlines and cracks at the dock connector. Now I want to replace it with a black back cover, I will need a mute switch in black, sim tray in black and the back cover of course (maybe a dock connector?).

Anyone got experience with ? Or know any shop where I can buy the stuff I need.


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Another side question. Anyone who did replace the back cover with succes? Was it hard to do? How does your phone look like now?


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The place you're looking only sells wholesale. You want a site that will sell the parts individually.

There is not much demand for this part, so your best bet is to get it from eBay or a parts phone if you have one with an unrelated problem.

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Why shouldn't I buy ? It includes Chrome Front Bezel, Battery Black Backing Cover, Volume Button, Camera Lens, Earphone Jack. If I buy the mute button and Sim tray I'm done?


Do you know any shop where they have good fitting back covers ?


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I bought 3rd party, looks fine. Seperating the bezel is simple, just pry it off and get some glue and stick it back down. there's also the headphone jack bezel and speaker mesh you will want to transfer. also, there's 2 metal pins in the case you will want to remove these and put them in the new one, and there's some other stuff you will see on the old case that are stuck down, you can just pry them up and put them back in place.

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