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What kind of plastic do dumbphones use?

I have had multiple people ask if I can remove scratches from their dumbphones, and I always had to turn them down because I didn't know of a method to fix it.

I recently found a product, Novus, that removes scratches from certain plastics, and I was wondering if anyone knows what kind of plastic is generally used on dumb-phones screens (and bodies if you know). Also, have people used Novus before that can say if it works?

Thanks in advance!

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I use Novus on Headlights with a Buffer! It's the best I have found. I made a mess out of an ATV with it's not very forgiving on some plastics. You may want to try it on a small inconspicuous place. Be gentle with the pressure. I use the extra fine grade.


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Most commonly used are Polycarbonate due to its strength. Nokia just dropped theirs in favor of Aluminium, and Samsung uses it for their Galaxy S3. polycarbonate is incompatible with ammonia and acetone because it dissolves in their presence. Alcohol is one recommended organic solvent for cleaning grease and oils from polycarbonate..

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