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Downloading Microsoft disk will not work

I can't seem to download microsoft word for my white apple macbook. I got my computer off Gainsavers, therefore its either used or refurbished. The software i received from microsoft requires an admin password that I don't seem to know. I tried resetting it multiple ways, I googled and tried every single option I can find. One option was to enter software that I got upon receiving my MAC, I may have misplaced that disk but i'm pretty sure I never received one from the first place. Please let me know what I can do, i'm a student and I REALLY need access too microsoft. Looking forward to hearing from you soon, Thank you so much :)

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jodan, exactly what is it that you are looking for? A copy of Microsoft Word for Mac? The way I read and understand your question is that you do not have it.


I do have it. I spent $100 on the microsoft word disc. Therefore, what i'm looking for is quite simple....for it too work. I need to somehow restart my admin and recreate a new password beacauce the microsoft software requires it. But it's not quite as simple as i thought. Does this make better sence?


Yes it does, lets see what we can come up with...


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You may google first to get instructions for cleaning the password up from the system user(s) and root, update keychain as NEW and then try to install the MS Office for Mac if that is a compatible version of your MacBook OS Version.

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