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Center Button only works when pressed hard

Everything works well on my iPod except the center button. I am not talking about the wheel (that works fine). The button still clicks when you press it normally as if nothing is wrong with it. However, in order for me to select something like music, playlist, specific artist, song etc, I have to press the button down hard for a few seconds. it will work once I do that. The next few clicks after that will work a bit easier as well. Could this be a simple replacement of the button itself, or is there more too it than that?

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Kevin, the center button is just that, a button. When you press it, it makes contact with a switch on the logic board. The switches are covered with some plastic and a bit of felt on top of it. In your case, I would disassemble it, use this guide and take a look at it. Sometimes just adding a bit of felt on top of the switch will help to make contact. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Thanks for the response. Could you please re post that guide link?

Basically you are saying that it just might be a matter of opening the iPod and adding a bit of felt over top of the logic board so the outside center button contacts the board? I checked out the guide on how to replace the center button and it is labeled as "very difficult" so I weighing whether I should just send it to a repair place like Iresq or equivalent.


Kevin, the most difficult part is to open it. (link is edited) Follow the mentioned guide and it is really not that bad. Of course it depends on your abilities. Yes, all it may take is to adjust the height of the switch. Once you have it apart, you can check by removing the center button, quickly reassemble temporarily without the case and try to push the center switch.


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