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Can I replace my SSD with a larger one?

I have a mid-2012 Macbook Pro 15" (NO retina display) that I ordered with a 128GB SSD but I have recently begun to run of space. I understand that for Pros ordered from the factory with spinning HDDs it is possible to upgrade to an SSD. Is it possible to upgrade a factory-installed SSD to a larger one? I have heard in some cases (such as the new MB Airs) that they are soldered in, but I have not seen anyone address the same question in mid 2012 MBPros. Any help would be appreciated.

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You can absolutely upgrade the SSD in your MacBook Pro. Your particular model uses a 2.5" hard drive / SSD, which is different from the Retina MaBook Pros and newer MacBook Airs which use a more proprietary design.

This SSD from iFixit would be compatible with your MacBook Pro: [produit lié absent ou désactivé : IF107-115-1]

There are options as well for upgrading past 256GB as well, for example:

I use Other World Computing (OWC) as the example in the link above but most manufacturers are making SSDs that would work with your MacBook Pro. You might shop around a bit keeping in mind that you it needs to meet the following requirements:

  • SATA connection
  • 2.5" form factor
  • 9.5mm tall (or thinner/shorter)

Installation for your machine would be extremely similar or identical to these steps:

Mid 2012 MacBook Pro Hard Drive Installation

For what it's worth, in case anyone comes across this while searching, you CAN upgrade the SSDs in MacBook Airs and MacBook Pro Retinas as well, it's just a different design that isn't as popular yet. I think what gets confused when thinking of upgrades in the MacBook Pro Retinas and the MacBook Airs is that the memory (RAM) is soldered into the logic board, essentially making it impossible to upgrade. The SSD though is an mSATA form factor with a slightly different connector, which makes it kinda proprietary but does still allow for replacement and upgrades if a replacement part is available. OWC is one of the first companies to sell these but I'm sure there are others as well, could be worth shopping around. The installation is even relatively straight forward, requiring only the bottom case to be removed and the battery to be disconnected, at which point the SSD is removed by unscrewing one screw and removing from it's socket.

OWC MacBook Pro Retina SSD upgrades

OWC 2012 MacBook Air SSD upgrades

They have SSD upgrades for the other two generations of new MacBook Air as well, easily found on their site.

Hope that helps!

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