Kernel panic at startup with grey wave and ram dead.

Hello everybody,

i'm glad to find this website, it is very usefull and help me a lot

I have a big issue with my macbookpro.

It started with a lot of grey wave that cover all the screen sometimes, stay 10 minutes to many days and disapear less than 30 minutes. One day the mac didnt want to start and was doing the noise for ram issues ( 3 sound every four seconds ). I change the ram and i restart it. The apple appears and the wheel turn, it appear on the screen of short wave and after a kernel panic. After 5 restart, it's ringing again (3 sound every four seconds) .

I have some picture that i post on google :


Is not clean because i was in a sailling boat for 2month and he stay in the boat but in a slipcover. i think the humidity and salt didn't help him..

Please tell me i can save him !!!!! i love this *^&&%^% computer :D

Thank you a lot for your help

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This sounds like you may have two issues. First let's look at the RAM issue. One RAM chip and try it in slot A, then try it in slot B. If it is good in one slot and not the other, try the second chip the same way. The video issue may be the video GPU. You may have a bad 8600 nVidia chip. Please give us the last three figures of your serial number. Next hook it up to an external monitor and see if the problem persists. Let us know your results on the RAM and the video.

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Hey, thanks you for your answer. I tried separately the slot A and B and the computer start only with the ram in slot A ... good idea ;)

The last 3 figures of serial number is YJX

i didn't have an external monitor and the plug.

i find a chinese factory that repair logic card, di you think is a good idea ?


Your one working slot may be able to take a 4 GB stick. This would be plenty of RAM. This particular logic board repair scares me as it also has an nVidia 8600 GPU. This GPU had lots of problems and Apple fixed it free for four years. What worries me is that you get the slot repaired and hen the GPU fails. I would try the single 4 GB first, next a 2 GB in the working slot and see if you can live with it.


sorry i forgot to say that after the PC start i have the same issue with grey wave and kernel panic ...

but now he doesn't do the noise for RAM slot.


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