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How to get HDMI video to monitor but audio to other speakers?

I have an Acer Aspire One 722 notebook, an Asus VE228 monitor, and some external speakers. If I use VGA video output, I can get audio to the speakers through the Acer headphone jack. If I use HDMI video output, audio comes from the Asus built-in speakers (not very good), and the headphone jack goes dead. Is there some setting that I can change to get HDMI video to the Asus monitor and headphone audio output to the external speakers?

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What operating system are you using?


It really depends on the sound controller. Have you tried plugging in your speakers first, then plugging in the HDMI port for video? Also you COULD try using the Windows 7 playback options if you use that OS.


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Dal Ferneyhough, the problem here is that the HDMI output is HDCP copy protected. It is an encrypted signal. "The HDMI Org has a really nasty opinion of companies that attempt to get around the encryption since it is a violation of their HDMI agreements." This is most likely the reason why it switches the audio out off. Why not use the speaker circuit from the laptop and wire in a small decent amp. It may just work for you. Or you could use a HDMI to VGA converter like this. For as long as it is HDCP compliant, it should work. Hope this helps, good luck.

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