iPod won't turn on after opening.

My home button was broken, i wanted to fix it. I followed the guide to open the front panel. I did everything carefully. After I half-opened it, I closed it. After i closed it(put the front panel to its original position), my iPod wont turn on.

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You might have disconnected the connector of the screen when you opened it. This connector usually snaps back when the screen is in a certain angle when being opened.

For the location of the connector, see step 5 here; it is the connector on the right, bottom side right below the camera lens.

In order to reconnect it, try this: While holding the screen open in a 45 degree angle, use an iPod plastic opening tool (see step 2 of the same guide mentioned above), position the connector on its socket, and - via the plastic tool - push it carefully back into it. You need to hear a click since it snaps in.


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