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Version revisitée de l'iPhone 3G avec une vitesse de traitement plus élevée. La réparation de ce modèle est similaire à celle du 3G et nécessite de simples tournevis et outils pour faire levier. Modèle A1303 / capacité de 16 ou 32 Go / coque en plastique noir ou blanc.

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-1 error in iTunes restore iPhone 3GS

Hi am trying to restore my iphone 3gs in itunes but i keep getting errors . The main error i get and is stuck on finding on the net is error -1. I have tried with different usb cables to see if that was the problem but it wasnt. I have tried with nemourous computers but it keeps saying the same thing error -1.

It gets halfway through the restore/ and it still sais error-1 it is frustrating me!! I need help to try and find this error so i can use it for its purpoise.

is a hardwear error is it a softwear error

if it is a hardwear what is neded for me to fix up the phone.

if it is a soft wear error what is kneeded of mr to fix it

pleas help me

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username1107, try this: Unplug the phone from the computer. Leave the other end of cable still plugged in the iPhone, now turn the phone completely off, hold home button still while plug other end of cable into your computer, only release Home button. After itunes recognize your phone in recovery mode and that when you heard the USB sounds on your computer. Press shift+ restore to restore your phone. Take a look at this site as well. The error -1 and 1 are most likely caused by baseband errors. They are very hard to fix. Hope this helps, hood luck.

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that error was fix got another error but i know how to fix this one thanks so much for the help


Thank you for accepting my answer. Best of luck to you.


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Handy link:

That page lists some error codes, but doesn't suggest anything specific for "-1". Recommends trying to restore on another computer but nothing further if that doesn't work.

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