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Version revisitée de l'iPhone 3G avec une vitesse de traitement plus élevée. La réparation de ce modèle est similaire à celle du 3G et nécessite de simples tournevis et outils pour faire levier. Modèle A1303 / capacité de 16 ou 32 Go / coque en plastique noir ou blanc.

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Screw damaged on the Buttom


I want to repair my 3GS, but with my Philips Screw Driver I can't remove one screw in the Buttom of the Phone. What can I do?

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If, like me, you have plenty of the cheap screwdrivers that sometimes come with screens, you could carefully superglue one of them to the head of the problem screw to get it out, then chuck them both in the bin.

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Is there an other Method? :/


I am assuming that the screw head is stripped and it's not re-usable.

The preferred professional solution to a gouged screw or rounded off bolt would be to drill it and/or use an "easy-out" to unscrew it. If you don't have a set of minute easy-outs then it would be cheaper and quicker to grab some superglue. You don't need to use your phillips driver; anything that sticks to the screw hard enough to initially turn it will work, just make sure you only use just enough to stick it to the screw head.

This is just a suggestion. All readers please note: I can't be held responsible for you filling your device with superglue, permanently sticking tools to the insides of your device, sticking your fingers/hair/ears/clothes to you/your device/your kitchen worksurface. I don't know how smart you are, so you need to assess your own chances of success or failure and do your own risk assessment.


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