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I've had to deal with recessed screws while disassembling a laptop

I am going to purchase either the Home tech Toolkit or Pro Tech Toolkit (depending on finances) soon.

I also need a small assortment of philips-head screwdrivers that can hold a screw upright while putting it into a recessed place -- way too deep to hold on with my fingers. Enough room for the screw to fall over, but not enough room to put tweezers in with the screwdriver.

It doesn't look like either toolkit has these, and I can't imagine that you don't sell them. Please point me to the right product.

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Hi Maggie, thanks for your question! The bit kits included in the [produit lié absent ou désactivé : IF145-047-1] and [produit lié absent ou désactivé : IF145-072-1] each contain a 60 mm driver extension that may allow you to reach into recessed screw holes.

However, in some cases this isn't thin enough—for those situations you'll need a fixed driver. We sell these for every Phillips size, that can be magnetized to hold onto screws. For laptops I'd recommend a Phillips #1 and Phillips #0. For really small recessed screws, you'll need a Phillips #00.

Image Phillips #0 Screwdriver


Phillips #0 Screwdriver


Image Phillips #00 Screwdriver


Phillips #00 Screwdriver


Image Phillips #1 Screwdriver


Phillips #1 Screwdriver


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