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The Canon Powershot SD790 IS is a compact 10.0 megapixel digital still camera with built-in flash and a 3x Optical Zoom. It was released on March 2008.

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camera reads, no memory card, same read with new card

how do i get the camera to recognize memory card.

to clarify, i am able to read the memory card using the computer, i can see the photos and data, and both cards work in other devices.

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clarence, just to clarify, it does not read the cards at all? You tried the cards in another device?


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Look inside the SD card socket in the camera (use a flashlight) and check if all the pins are OK, check for misaligned, bended or corroded pin(s). The problem could be caused by a bad contact from the SD card to the connector pins.

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I followed your advice and the pins appear to be in position and normal.


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What size SD card are you trying to use? I believe that model can't use a SD card larger than 2GB. If it's greater than 2GB, it uses a different memory format and cannot be read.

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i've always used a 4GB, recently bought a 16GB and it also worked fine in the camera


As oldturkey03 asked, "clarence, just to clarify, it does not read the cards at all? You tried the cards in another device?"


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