Did I damage my power connector after a repair procedure?

The input power connector is slightly damaged an after looking at the connector, and I would like some more instructions on going about doing the changeover.

MacBook Pro Unibody A1278 13"

Your site assisted me with a hard drive replacement sometime ago.

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Hey Walter: Please list the last four of your serial number so we can figure out which exact model you have. Apple has used the 1278 model from 2008-2012. The last four of your serial number will let us see which one it is and send you to the right guide.


Hi there,

Serial number of my macbook pro is W80022UB66D I think it is a 2010 or 11 model unibody 1278. I changed the battery OK thanks to the ifixit site.

The power connector is slightly melted, (been like it for a while), though it still works so I thought I might fix that as well as I have already replaced the HDD with a new 7200rpm model due to original failing slowly. Again thanks to the ifixit site.


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