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Modèle mi-2009 A1278 / Processeur Core 2 Duo 2.26 ou 2.53 GHz EMC 2326

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DC power connector has slight damage

The input power connector is slightly damaged an after looking at the connector, and I would like some more instructions on going about doing the changeover.

MacBook Pro Unibody A1278 13"

The last digits of the serial number of my macbook pro is B66D I think it is a 2010 or 11 model unibody 1278. I changed the battery OK thanks to the ifixit site. The power connector is slightly melted, (been like it for a while), though it still works so I thought I might fix that as well as I have already replaced the HDD with a new 7200rpm model due to original failing slowly. Again thanks to the ifixit site.

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It's a bit of work as you need to pull the logic board to get to the DC-In board which is the module you'll need to replace. Here's the DC-In Board iFixIt guide for the steps in replacing it. Make sure you follow good ESD practices with an ESD mat & strap.

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It's easy to remove the logic board of the A1278 13" model. Just be very careful when snapping out the little black connectors from their sockets (easy to damage). I don't use a spudger to remove them but a small needle that I insert in the front side of the connector and twist it a little on each side until the connector snap off. I never separated a socket from the board using that method. Use a spudger to remove all the other big "snap-on" connectors as indicated in the ifixit guide.

To remove the top case ribbon cable from its socket I use a scotch tape attached to the ribbon cable and pull on it to remove the cable once the socket retainer arm is up. I use the same scotch tape method to reinsert the cable in the socket.

The LVDS connector and socket are pretty fragiles so make sure to lift up the metallic retainer arm before trying to separate the connector from the socket. Just have to pull out the connector straight from the socket. When reinserting the connector to the socket, give just a little down angle to the connector before inserting it in the socket. DON'T force the connector in the should enter smoothly, if not try again, align, give a little down angle and insert. A good lightning helps...I use a small flashlight when connecting this cable.

Good luck !!

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