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La Xbox 360 est la deuxième console de jeu de Microsoft, sortie le 22 novembre 2005.

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My xbox 360 (newer version) won't turn on?

I mean look, I plug it in and when I touch the power button it makes the beep turning on sound but it stays off. Same with the disk input. I don't use HDMI I use the vid 2 for the TV.

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Hi, it might be that the cables are faulty. Can u see the xbox showing the green rings? An hdmi cable is not that costly now, so see if u can get one and test with hdmi. Write back on what u did. Good luck.

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It doesn't show any green rings, and I'll try to get an hdmi cable as soon as I can. I'll get back to you when I try it out


It didn't work with the cable so I had to go send it in for repairs. Apparently somehow it was wet on the inside? (sorry for the late answer)


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Common issue with "no power" is a usb port has bent pin and grounding. Visually check your Xbox 360 USB ports. None of the center pins should be touching the casing or outer area.

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All USB Ports are fine, but I've noticed that after I plug in the power and disconnect it there is a delay in the power box.....anything about that?


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