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How to solder on the headphone jack port

I was repairing my iPod and when I disconnected the jack from the motherboard the whole port came with it. I was wondering how to solder it back on

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The headphone jack just unplugs from the main board

Have a look at this guide and confirm you havent damaged the connector on the main board.

If you have damaged the assembly perhaps you need THIS part

Image iPod touch (4th Gen) Headphone Jack


iPod touch (4th Gen) Headphone Jack


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The actually port came out of the motherboard and I was wondering if there was a way to solder it back on


Do you mean the connector the headphone jack plugs into came off the motherboard?


Yes and I want to know if it's possible to solder it back on


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Luke Turner, sounds like you are saying that the FPC connector is off the logic board. If so and if your question is , if it can be solder back on, then that's a may be. First of, this will require some pretty good tools, the usual Radio Shack soldering axe will not do. You'll need a good soldering iron with a small tip, better yet a rework station. Second, this part is small, and the solder pads even smaller, So you will have to have some good skills. Is it possible, yes. Only you know your skills and can decide if you can do it. Check this video for an idea on how to solder. It might help if you post an image of your logic board and the damaged area so we can see what you see. The part is actually available at places like this.

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Thank you so much I did not know how to describe the part. I think I can solder it on.


@ Luke Turner, the answer by Richdave is actually a very appropriate one. It was not known at the time that the connector was off the board ;-)


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