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PC laptop by Dell with a 15.4" display. Succeeded the Inspiron 1520.

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Over heating of System while watching any video online or offline

When ever I watch video of higher resolution online or offline mode, my laptop becomes over heated and then shutdown. I am unable to know the possible reason for this issue.

I had purchased my laptop on June, 2008. please suggest me the best way to resolve this issue.


Amit Lal

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Amit Lal, it is possible that you do have some dirty air inlet openings as well as a dirty fan. I would disassemble the laptop. clean it properly. Clean or replace the fan, and reapply the thermal paste on the processor. Use these guides to work on your computer. You also want to make sure that you keep the airvents free off any obstruction and may be get a cooling pad. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Thanks Oldturkey03 for the reply.

I would try this today n will let you know if it worked or not.


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