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Micro USB connector replacement.

Does anyone know where I can get the micro usb connector for the kindle fire. It is cheaply made and my nephew kept it plugged in all the time while using it and broke the connector on the kindle.

Also, is there supposed to be some kind of fittings for three of the flat cables. When I put it back together the cables were loose.

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Rbrown7784,having scoured the forums over the last few month, the problem is most certainly the micro USB port. You could disassemble your Kindle. Follow this guide. and check the solder connection on the micro USB port. It is very likely that they have either come totally of the board, or that they have micro cracks. It might be possible to reuse the old connector and resolder it, or you may have to find a new connector. If you need a new one, you could check or for a micro USB that fits the dimensions of your Kindle. There has been one seller on ebay, but they wanted $30 for the port. If anyone would post the exact dimension of the micro USB port, we could try and find an equivalent part. Hope this helps, good luck.

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