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The HP Pavilion dv9000 series was introduced in 2006.

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Why does the laptop power on, then turns off?

I turn the laptop on, the led lights power on, but no video on the display. After a few seconds, laptop turns off and then turns on again by itself.

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Have you tried an external monitor? what have you tried so far?


I have tried an external monitor yes. I hooked a vga monitor connection and still no video. I also swapped memory sticks that i know work with the ones that were in the laptop. Still no POST. I removed hard drives as well, even though they are not required for a POST anyways.

I also removed the battery and tried to turn the laptop on with just the power cord hooked up.

No video at all on the screen after trying all of that.

That is what I tried.

Thanks for any suggestions or if you have a solution, that would be great.

I am thinking it is the video chipset on the motherboard. I have read on the v2000, v6000 and v9000 models to have a nvidia issue on the motherboard and that Nvidia had a class action lawsuit against them for it a while back.

I watched a video showing a fix for repairing the video chip on the board, was maybe going to try that.


Has anyone tried the video fix on the motherboard are people just replacing the motherboard? Seems expensive to replace motherboard and can't even get a new motherboard these days.



Try changing the RAM.. good luck! 08129264433


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Will, the symptoms of your laptop powering on and shutting off, and having no video etc, do sound like the ones that are usually exhibited by the Nvidia GPU failure. So, first of course, make sure that your laptop has the Nvidia GPU, if so a reflow of the GPU might help. Just remember that a proper reflow is more than just blasting the GPU with hot air. You want to familiarize yourself with the proper procedure and have a couple of old logic boards to practice. It does take practice to get this done. If unsure, you could consider a professional service to do this for you. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Thanks. Ya I have been looking at a couple of videos on how to do the proper reflow. I do realize it is more than just blasting hot air at the GPU.

Do you have a video on the proper procedure or any additional advice for me that may assist me in this??

I am about to attempt my first reflow of the GPU.

Worse case scenario is that we have to get a replacement motherboard. Already told the customer of that and he has given permission for the replacement of the motherboard if the reflow doesn't work.

You have been very helpful with your comments



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I done the reflow on two DV series laptops both seem to work ok on one I had to replace the CPU also.

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Is it possible that this machine may be overheating?

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sure it could be, but you should at least get the POST screen or some video if it would be overheating.


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