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The HTC EVO 3D is an Android smartphone developed by HTC released exclusively in the United States through Sprint.

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The screen randomly went black

I went to turn my brightness down, and the screen randomly went black.

The keys at the bottom light up when I turn it on, and the LED light flashes, but when I put the battery in, the top of the phone gets extremely hot.

I've tried everything from plugging it in to the charger, to keeping the battery out for long periods of time.

My phone was working perfectly find before this happened. Again, it was completely random.

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I know this kinda sounds strange because of it being a random thing that happened but the small cable that runs up the side and connects to the camera/2D-3D buttons comes unplugged from the main board quite easily. I say this from experience had the same phone was working fine then it started to heat up insanely fast and had a bunch of software errors that were happening all the time basically rendered the phone useless. Upon taking it apart the first thing I noticed was that the button cable had come detached from the main board. Plugged it back in, reassembled phone and worked just like new again. Just something I would check for since you said it was getting hot.

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